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So easy, so basic, but I am so proud 🙂

My sister saw this fabulous “DDLM” fabric I picked up for 50% off.  I have been using it to make my DD an adorable outfit that has yet to be finished ( I have never been good at planning out projects, and this following a whole template thing is kicking my butt).  When she saw it she said it would make a great bandana she could where at our family’s Cinco De Mayo party (aka Bernita Hanson Davis Day) that I don’t get to go to because I live 2000 miles away.  So being the awesome sister I am I jumped up and made her this way cool bandana….

Pretty easy, I cut out the main fabric and backing by measuring it against a store bought bandana. (I actually made it a little bigger because bandanas never fit my head).

I pinned the fabric with the ‘right sides’ together (see I know the lingo now :), and sewed almost all the way around.  I used pinking shears to trim the excess from the edges(very carefully) and pulled the fabric right side out through the small opening that I left.  I used a ruler to poke in all the corners to make the edges square again.

I ironed the seams flat, carefully folding under the section I had left open so my top stitch will close it for me.

My sewing machine has a bunch of seriously cute stitches, so given the seniorita theme here, I used the flower stitch to top stitch all the way around.  And AyeAyeAye! a beautiful Day of the Dead bandana worthy of any Cinco De Mayo festival.  Or if you are like me, any day of the year!

At least my craftiness can be represented at the party!